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201 Inground Pool Closing Agreement​:

Vinyl linear pool closing fees: 

Concrete/Gunite pool closing fees:

Closing labor fees to include:     

  • Lower water level accordingly
  • Drain and disassemble filtration system backwash/cleanfilter
  • Remove summer fitings and deck equipment
  • Blow out water from plumbing lines(as well as filteration system,heater,if applicable)
  • Blow antifreeze through plumbing lines(as well filteration system,heater,if applicable)
  •  Add closing chemicals to pools(not included in labour fees)
  • Install winter cover

Additional fees include:     

  • Any materials/accessories (Winterizing plugs, water tubes, etc.)
    will be supplled as needed and charged accordingly
  • $10.00 - Heater
  • $15.00 - In-floor cleaning systems
  • $55.00 - Spas: 
  • Drain Spa
  • Remove fittings
  • Blow water from plumbing lines
  • Blow antifreeze through plumbing lines
  • Plugin lines and refill spa accordingly
  •  Add closing chemicals (not included in labor fees)
  •  Install winter cover
  • $15.00 - Fountains/Waterfalls
  • Other pool equipment(e.g. pool sysytem with multiple pumps or other items) costs to be determined
  • $100.00/hour - Pre closing vaccum/cleaning
  • Oversized pools or special features may increase  rates

Terms: Upon our arrival we will need:    

  • Access to the pool and equipment
  • Outside water turned on

  • Power for equipment and other outlets turned on
  • Access to pool time clock and breaker box

If a return trip is necessary to complete the opening due to non-compliance of terms, additional fees for travel
time may be included. *6% sales tax not included in service fees and material/product costs.​

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